Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2005 in black!

Here are some real low and dirty photo"s straight from my old school non "smart" cell phone. I am now without a computer and am doing these posts when Amy is at work utilizing her laptop. So I couldn't use my fancy scanner. But last night I began another attempt at inking a massive section of my large comic "2005". I am unsatisfied each time I try and feel like I don't have the skills to do what the comic wants. However there comes a time when you must realize that a thing will not materialize on its own and you have to sometimes just go full force at a thing and take it on if you want it and love it so bad! So here I am doing that. In the end I may hate it. But It will be real. This comic is frightening because it has a darkness and it has friendships in the real world that it doesn't want to disappoint (you know who you are) and so it feels so big. Its like a tumor in my mind that once extracted will become a living thing on its own, a child made between me and my feelings and a few loved ones. And I have to raise it to be beautiful and hope it is recognized for all of its special qualities. How this is harder then other comics I have made, I am not sure. But it most certainly is.
I just wrote all of this?

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  1. Looks awesome, Sean! Don't get discouraged! Keep pushing on with it. It's a great project and has super awesome characters!!!