Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting stronger

I have been Inking a tone, and especially stippling a ton to further the completion of 2005. While I keep feeling better about the outcome & like these pages keep getting stronger. My neck shoulder & hand are getting weaker. I am in some lame-o pain. I gotta figure some way of stretching or getting rad that makes this less difficult. Its interesting to me that this is harder on me then coloring or penciling work. Stipple tendonitis:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2005 in black!

Here are some real low and dirty photo"s straight from my old school non "smart" cell phone. I am now without a computer and am doing these posts when Amy is at work utilizing her laptop. So I couldn't use my fancy scanner. But last night I began another attempt at inking a massive section of my large comic "2005". I am unsatisfied each time I try and feel like I don't have the skills to do what the comic wants. However there comes a time when you must realize that a thing will not materialize on its own and you have to sometimes just go full force at a thing and take it on if you want it and love it so bad! So here I am doing that. In the end I may hate it. But It will be real. This comic is frightening because it has a darkness and it has friendships in the real world that it doesn't want to disappoint (you know who you are) and so it feels so big. Its like a tumor in my mind that once extracted will become a living thing on its own, a child made between me and my feelings and a few loved ones. And I have to raise it to be beautiful and hope it is recognized for all of its special qualities. How this is harder then other comics I have made, I am not sure. But it most certainly is.
I just wrote all of this?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

2005 lets go swimming!

This is a recently penciled series of pages from my destined to be done one day comic 2005

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


These are 4 pages from the tail end (yes!) of a 12 page chapter in my comic 2005.

I have been working diligently at my long format comic "2005" aiming for its completion in the next 3 months. As of this second I have made 23 pages this month. Which is lame, as I have made it my goal to do 3 pages a day, and I am not always alive enough to do that on the days I work at my day job. I am however very pleased with what is being made thus far. I wish I could find a way to split my mind so I could utilize one hand & one eye for drawing the comic, while the other rests on other things or sleeps, and then they switch off. I read an article once where kevin eastman described how Simon Bisley regularly is at an easel painting away at his comics or illustrations, with a brush in one hand and a pizza in the other. I can & do perform this task regularly, but its keeping the other part of my mind at ease or off other things while the other half is immersed & excited in laying down the comic that is the trouble I face.
To the future!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Living The Dream

Here is few pages recently inked for my coming mini comic, that should be ready for Stumptown comics fest>

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is a new 8 page comic I made. These scans don't include the lettering or text, as they will likely appear in a publication to come.

pages 3 & 4

pages 5 & 6

pages 7 & 8

I finished this the other day. I am still feeling on edge and afraid of it. But I made it and there is no sence in denying it. I was there and its true and hopefully awesome. It may be in an upcoming anthology put together by Neoglyphic media. The details on that are still up in the air as of this moment. I will give more details later and maybe put up some pencils for this comic (wich if you were me, you wouldnt even guess those existed, but they do, awesome but true.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It has arrived!!! In honor of and to help Jesse Reklaw the man out for his coming birthday I and several others to come were aske to guest on his weekly comic strip Slow wave! Jesse completed the coloring and it is now up to read on his official Slow Wave comics page:) (just clik the image above to go there) I am glowing with radness gazing into this reality! Happy Birth month Jesse you are a magical man of radient mind & beauty:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Slow Wave

In honor of my Buddy Jesse Reklaw's Birthday, He has asked several friends to do a guest strip for his weekly comic Slow wave. I just met my deadline and finnished mine today, and Jesse gave me permission to share my pencils before its up on the website and in the papers. Jesse will still be coloring the strips, and I cant wait to see how it terns out! Its a very exciting colaboration for me. Jesse is a great friend whom I owe so much to, and its rad to get to do this not just for him, but also with him:)
Making the comic itself was super fun, as I was allowed to include a strange character that shows up in the background of several of the strips that wears a panda mask/hat. I found that this character evoked my awesome brother who, when we were younger wore a panda hat, while I had a brown bear hat, so it felt as though my brother was acting in a comic I drew:) As soon as the strip is officially up and in the world I will post it, so keep your eyez peeled!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Imagined reality!

This is a comic I made for the new video game themed issue of Stupmptown underground. I don't know if it will be excepted for the issue. I am a day late for submission. But I wanted to share it. I penciled it last night and inked it this afternoon and feel very excited about how fast I made it come together.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Church of awesome thought: Dream Grant

Here is the 1st page ive inked of the new church of awesome thought mini I am finishing up for the coming Stumptown comics festival.
Its about a Grant awarded to students who apply a dream about an art project they have, to then be granted funds to try to realize it.
There is no words on the page yet, because I have horrendous spelling that hasn't been corrected at this juncture. Im trying my new dangerous method of making "comics without borders". Its been a fun suprise of composition each time so far:)